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Our advanced TV team combines the power of data, the scale of television and technology to deliver highly targeted TV media inventory. Stepping beyond traditional age/gender demographics, we use behavioral data to develop highly efficient plans and purchase media across the TV landscape that reaches your target audience.



Programmatic TV uses the technology of modern TV inventory buying and Behavioral Data to reach a concentration of your target audience. USIM is focused on eliminating the waste in your media plans to help you increase efficiency by purchasing plans targeted to your concentrated audience.  With access to Local Cable, National Cable, Satellites, Local Affiliates and Telcos, we have the ability to scale.



Addressable TV uses audience-based data and behavioral characteristics to deliver your advertisement to your target audience on a household level. Through technology-driven data, USIM eliminates the waste of untargeted media buys by reaching your audience in their home.

Technology has allowed television advertising to expand beyond the traditional targeting methods of age/gender to build a foundation for audience buying across the TV industry. USIM has built an advanced TV team that can effectively leverage the technology of today, building better media plans that target the audience of tomorrow, maximizing return on investment.