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Affiliate programs are an essential part of any performance marketing strategy, with the ability to drive incremental sales and acquire new customers efficiently.

Increasing sales and new customer acquisition through affiliate partnerships requires constant nurturing, monitoring and communication in order to maximize the most value out of a program. A successful affiliate strategy must take into account the various different types of partners—from coupon to content, loyalty to shopping—and create an effective mix of qualified traffic that enhances advertiser ROI, increases incremental sales, and contributes to a brands’ larger marketing goals.



At USIM, we blend in-depth knowledge of the affiliate marketing ecosystem with winning strategy based on your brand’s unique value proposition. Our cross-functional strategies leverage multiple media channels to drive traffic to your website. A competitive analysis uncovers market opportunities and highlights differentiation as we define and execute affiliate channel strategy based on market intelligence, unique value proposition and overall business strategy. To maximize efficiencies, we collaborate with your organization to accurately attribute affiliate revenue and eliminate marketing channel conflict, and continue to expand all aspects of our program with strategic partners.