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USIM is the industry leader in media planning and buying – it’s the core of our business and an essential part of our DNA. Dennis Holt, our founder and CEO, is a true media pioneer, having founded the concept of a media buying service in 1965. Connecting the consumer journey through all media channels and delivering targeted messages to people, not screens or devices, is where we excel. Our team conceptualizes creative and strategic ideas through a media-agnostic approach that generates maximum return on investment for our clients.


We create a strategic plan based on comprehensive data and analytics, and define your target market, providing detailed, verifiable media profiling. We then select the best blend of media and ad tech platform. Our significant investment in cutting-edge tools enables us to measure performance and optimize media. In the fast-changing media environment, we strive at all times to keep our teams proficient in advertising and media technologies ranging from programmatic media to the latest social media platforms and beyond.


Our capabilities include: