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Multicultural media segmentation is growing at an unparalleled rate. The US population is becoming increasingly diverse, and there are many different variables, such as country of origin, number of generations in the US, sex, age and family structure.

USIM is at the forefront of ongoing changes in the proliferation of multicultural media vehicles, including digital offerings. We understand the impact of the rapid growth of ethnic immigration population segments on brand communication challenges, as well as the increased need for greater consumer retention of heritage.



USIM supports the integration of multicultural marketing into client media plans, helping organizations identify emerging markets and meaningfully and authentically target and reach a diverse group of consumers. Our multicultural approach is grounded in the latest research and is based not only on category or brand development, but also psychographic insights.

We understand that it is crucial to analyze any media not just in terms of ratings, but most importantly in terms of programming content, cultural relevance and resonance and multimedia platforms.


Our multicultural marketing department is comprised of three specialty groups: