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Although the media landscape has shifted, television remains an integral part of the marketing mix. In this rapidly changing time, relationships and experience count, and USIM's longstanding associations extend to the highest levels of the major broadcast and cable networks.



Whether it’s an upfront or scatter market media buy, the negotiation tactic used generally depends on your sales and marketing strategies. We counsel and consult on the advantages of upfront, early commitments to secure the best inventory at lower prices and CPM guarantees; however, we understand the need to evaluate pricing advantages versus marketing flexibility, especially during uncertain economic times. In addition, we relentlessly pursue added value for our national television clients.

Our buyers regularly monitor market-level pricing and avails to determine the effect on inventory supply and demand. Overnight ratings are reviewed to ensure appropriate delivery. We are diligent in stewarding all buys, making adjustments based on program changes.



Unlike any other media organization in the country, we believe in the idea of "local listening posts," which is why we staff local offices throughout the nation. We buy every market locally, which is unique and powerful. We know that buyers who live in and near the markets they buy have more intimate knowledge of market idiosyncrasies, media preferences and stronger media relationships. We don’t buy through rep firms; instead, we meet and negotiate directly with local sales people and station management. Rep firms don’t like it, and it isn’t always easy to impose our strategy, but we have demonstrated the lengths we will go to preserve this important element of our philosophy.



Our experienced buyers monitor market-level conditions, including political and competitive pressures, and how they are affecting station inventory. We have a significant competitive advantage in this area, since our buyers are placing both general and direct response media activity, so our clearance factors serve as an "early warning system" if / when availabilities start tightening.

We believe that by aggregating our clients' buying power in the market, we are able to secure the most desired programming, negotiate the best rates, secure the best promotions, and deliver the maximum added value and bonus weight in each market. Most of our clients see a 10-20% lift in their media value due to our added value prowess.