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Analytics and research are essential elements of effective planning and optimization. Technology and data support every strategy our team implements. With our advanced solutions and dedicated analytics team, we provide actionable insights for each of our campaigns.

In addition, USIM’s local offices provide unparalleled, real-time, on-the-ground intelligence regarding local media and market conditions. We employ seasoned research staff throughout the country and regularly invest in new proprietary platforms and technology solutions ensuring actionable results.



We discover, activate, interpret and evaluate all core data needed to drive focused and effective marketing decisions. The analytics platforms we utilize offer dynamic solutions with complete tracking and accountability, enhancing the quality of media purchased and simplifying the decision-making process.

All media plans are based solidly in first- and third-party data. Reviewing first-party data, or information your organization collects directly, provides the clearest and most powerful insights into your target audience. Our team analyzes information gathered from website, CRM, email marketing, mobile apps and more to shape data-driven media strategies that resonate with your target consumer and drive measurable results. Third-party data, acquired from external sources provides actionable information on user behavior across the Web, helps build a rich profile using a wide range of data attributes such as demographic, geography, past purchases, purchase intent and more. First- and third- party data guide and improve media buys, resulting in highly targeted campaigns.


Our research capabilities include: