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Steve Berger

President, Patriot Media Group

Steve is an accomplished senior advertising and marketing executive with over 35 years’ experience in management, new business development, acquisitions and mergers. Prior to his current role as President of USIM’s Patriot Media division, Steve oversaw sales efforts for TV10s. He has worked extensively with all major television studios and program distributors on behalf of Fortune 500 advertisers and challenger brands.

In 1984, Steve created Promotional Broadcast Services for Western International Media, now USIM. PBS became the leader in 10-second promotional spots and closed caption sponsorship sales. Steve served as Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for Initiative Media’s PIC-TV, before he and a group of employees acquired PIC-TV, at which point the company was renamed PIC Media Group and Steve was named President/Chief Executive Officer.

Steve holds a Master of Science degree in Communications from Illinois State University and views his greatest accomplishments as his daughter Jenna and son Sam.