About Us

USIM is the leading independent media agency that leverages data science and human expertise for brands to effectively reach prospective customers.

We are in the business of helping brands achieve success through best-in-class media solutions by leveraging data, technology, and most importantly our talented experienced team.

In today's increasingly automated media landscape, we haven't lost our human touch.


Our proprietary platforms and partnerships provide access to highly customized and powerful data. But we believe the most transformational growth opportunities are unlocked when we apply human insight and ingenuity to technology and data solutions.


It’s a powerful intersection of art and science, and both are critical to success. The results we deliver make a real and measurable difference in our clients' businesses.


Every day we Practice the Art of Human Sense™. We blend cutting edge research and technology with ingenuity, human insight and creativity, delivered in a seamless experience for our clients and agency partners.

Annual Media Billings
US & Canada; New York/Irvine/Los Angeles/Atlanta/Chicago
Founded in 2004 by Dennis Holt, and has stayed independent since day-one
Proprietary Data Platforms
We leverage our data science and technology to reach consumers
Clients & 20+ Categories
Since the beginning, we've worked across all categories
Practicing The Art of Human Sense™

The five pillars and essence of USIM

Vested Business Partner

Believers in the power of relationships benefiting through our independence.

Data Drives Everything We Do

Deliver on promise of 1st & 3rd party data.

Performance Driven

We take an 'audience first' media agnostic approach. Not accepting what worked yesterday will work best for today or tomorrow.

Bottom-Up Meets Top-Down

Balancing location-based nuances with media efficiencies. Minimizing waste to maximize frequency; behavioral informed audience and geo targeting.

Leveraging Good Old Fashioned Industry Knowledge and Media Expertise

Balance smart bets with emerging new media opportunities.

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“Dennis is a visionary. He pioneered a field.”
Bob Humphreys, Chairman of Grey

Advertising Executive Committee

dennis holt with ronald reagan
dennis holt with plaque
dennis holt with clint eastwood
Our History
Dennis Holt

Dennis Holt is one of the advertising industry's true pioneers. He literally invented the idea of unbundling media, creating a $200 billion industry that has become a global business model. It’s that kind of entrepreneurship and innovation that has made USIM today’s leading independent media agency.

Dennis launched Western International Media (now Initiative Media) in 1970 and grew the business into an $11 billion media management company -- the largest in the world. In 2004, Dennis changed the industry once again, founding U.S. International Media. Today, USIM is 190+ media experts strong, entrusted by clients in a wide range of industries, with billings of over $1 billion per year. Dennis is a fearless entrepreneur, who recognizes that "all business is personal," and believes that you seldom go wrong if you stay client-focused.

Our Team
Executive Team

Our team at USIM is led by true visionaries in the media industry, strategizing for the world’s top brands. With decades of experience and countless relationships under our belt, we keep a sharp eye on the future, evolving across a constantly changing landscape.

Innovation and industry leadership are a way of life at USIM. It’s exactly this strategic vision that has made us the leading independent agency, and our mindset is just as pioneering today as it was when CEO Dennis Holt founded the media buying service concept in 1965.