Hugo Ortiz
Senior Vice President, Human Resources

Hugo Ortiz is responsible for leading Human Resources at USIM. Hugo is a multi-faceted, high-energy, hands-on change agent focused on talent management strategies, efficient people operations, analytics/data, and HR systems innovation. He is a dynamic executive with progressive global experience in change leadership and business transformation.

Hugo has over 20 years of experience in effective Human Resources strategy design across progressive industries - Media, Investment Management, Commercial Banking, Blockchain/Cloud Computing, Communications, Game/AI Development, and Government Defense Contracts.

Hugo is a graduate of Vanguard University with a Bachelors in Organizational Leadership and a U.S. Marine Corps (Force Reconnaissance) veteran.  Outside of the workday, Hugo is an avid motocross racer, surfboard collector, and guitar string purchaser.  He lives in Southern California with his lovely wife and 4 children.

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