Integrated Media Planning

USIM is the industry leader in media planning and buying: It’s the core of our business and an essential part of our DNA. We take a media-agnostic approach to generate maximum return on investment for our clients.

Connecting the consumer journey through all media channels and delivering targeted messages to people — not just screens or devices — is where we excel. USIM’s media activities cover national, regional, and local audiences, in both traditional and non-traditional channels.

Seamless alignment among our Media Planning, Analytics, and Execution teams is at the heart of our success. From the initial client brief to the analysis of campaign effectiveness, we foster a continuous communication flow. We connect all the dots, ensuring that all media elements are interrelated and aligned with the client’s broader marketing approach. The resulting plans are holistic, data-driven, and customer-centric, with the optimal balance between digital and traditional channels.

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