Advanced Media

USIM combines the power of data with the scale of television and digital to deliver targeted media to the right audience at the right time. We put your media budget to work for you where it will work best, maximizing return on investment.

Our proprietary technology allows us to onboard data, optimize, and report across a range of different platforms. We leapfrog traditional age/gender demographics to mine a wide mix of predictive behavioral and demographic data. The result is a highly efficient, high-value media plan that translates into campaign success.

Our Advanced Media team specializes in:

  • Programmatic Digital Media
  • Programmatic and Addressable TV
  • Programmatic OOH (Out-of-Home) Advertising
  • Programmatic Radio
  • Connected TV

Our leadership and foresight in the ever-changing media landscape was recognized when we received the Programmatic Agency of the Year award from MediaPost in 2015/16.

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