Research, Analytics and Data Science

Data-driven decisions are the most effective decisions. At USIM, our dedicated Research & Analytics team unleashes the power of information to help you plan and optimize your campaigns. Our analytics platforms offer dynamic solutions with complete tracking and accountability. This helps you sharpen the focus of your campaign, make smarter investment decisions, and pivot as needed to make tactical adjustments.

USIM's research capabilities include:

  • Competitive Intelligence to view your planning in the context of your industry
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Consumer Analytics for a more intimate understanding of your target audience
  • Performance Analytics to ensure every aspect of your organization is aligned to strategic goals
  • Mix Media Modeling (MMM) to help you quantify the impact of your campaigns

We use first-party data and analyze third-party data across a wide range of attributes, including demographics, geography, past purchases, and purchase intent, to shape data-driven media strategies that resonate with your target consumer and drive measurable results.

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